About Aberdeen Festival of Politics


Aberdeen Festival of Politics was set up in late 2013. Inspired by the independence referendum we aimed to engage people in the referendum debate and help people make informed choices about the future of Scotland, whatever way we voted. The festival was set up and run by members of the local community. We organised a series of events around the city including a children’s art workshop, film, music & comedy alongside more traditional political debate. The festival ran from 23rd March to 5th April 2014 and was highly successful. It ended with a Big Debate on Scottish Independence, with high profile panelists drawn from all walks of life except party politics.

In 2015 we held a small women’s festival with debates on women’s health, the penal system plus drama, music & comedy. We also held an exhibition focusing on the Suffragette movement in Aberdeen.

Both of these events were organised, publicised and executed on a minimal budget raised through donations and the generosity of local sponsors. Despite this, events were all free or very low cost which enabled maximum participation.

2016 ....23rd March - 3rd April

The Festival of Politics this year will be bigger and better! Partly through 2 years of building community support but also due to a generous amount of funding from local and national sponsors.

Once again we are concentrating on Women & Politics and as with the previous festivals this is about the politics all around us- politics with a small p! The main focus of this year’s Festival of Politics is to engage people with the issues facing women, to examine the role played by women in politics and society, and to celebrate women who have made the world a better place.

This year’s programme includes a mix of discussion and debate, drama, music, film and art, with workshops to build skills and promote self-determination. We have an exciting mix of local, national and international contributors.

Come and join us!

“Politics with a small p..... viewed through the lens of art, music, drama and film as well as discussion and debate.”