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Aberdeen Festival of Politics

Aberdeen Festival of Politics


Thursday 10th March 2016 | Meet at Tullos Community Centre, Girdleness Road from 2.00 – 5.00pm

Tanja Ostojić is a renowned Serbian performance artist based in Germany whose artworks engage with feminism and migration.

Misplaced Women? is a public art project which involves participants unpacking a suitcase or handbag in a public sphere signifying a displacement, as is the everyday experience of transients, migrants, war and disaster refugees.

This workshop is open to all women and aims to aid participants’ understanding of the themes of migration, desired mobility, and relations of power and vulnerability.

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Tanja Ostojic is a Serbian artist based in Germany.  Her artworks balance on the border of art and activism.  The artist’s projects engage with issues of migration and border crossing from the perspective of a woman.  Tanja very often uses her body and her presence in the projects.  To give examples, Naked Life is a video performance in which Tanja reads out a report from the European Roma Rights Centre introducing individual stories of people who experienced forced deportation from Germany.  Sans Papiers is a documentary film which introduces undocumented immigrants in a detention camp in Germany.  The detainees present their personal stories of migration and reasons of detention, as well as reveal the experience of everyday life in the detention camp.  Another, performance, Misplaced Women? prolongs with the issues of migration and border crossing.  This artwork underlines that displacement is an everyday reality of migrants and refugees.  Misplaced Women? shows that anyone can become a migrant, someone who needs to pack a part of their life into a suitcase and move to another city or country. Moreover, unpacking the suitcase in a public space among strangers passing by draws an attention to border control procedures. The private sphere represented by a migrant’s suitcase is violated during border crossing for safety reasons. Misplaced Women? is a delegated performance and women volunteers are invited to enact the performance andshare their experience with the artist.

Tanja Ostojic’s performances may be of interest of many women in Aberdeen as it is a city of migrants and oil capital. This means that the issue of relocation and displacement is a common experience of many women in Aberdeen. Misplaced 4reaffirm their right to occupy space and existence on the basis of equality of living.  The performance involves the community of all women who have experienced migration and/or border crossing procedures.  It invites women to become active and underline ways in which they occupy space and their right to existence.