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Aberdeen Festival of Politics

Aberdeen Festival of Politics


Quids In Theatre Company, a professional theatre company in Aberdeen, has worked with members of the community to produce an exciting theatrical experience.  “White Feathers on the Breeze” is about the experience of conscientious objectors imprisoned in the Dyce camp in Aberdeen between August and October 1916 and commemorates a hundred years since the closure of the camp.

During the First World War, conscientious objectors were not favourably dealt with or thought of by the general public and this play will chart the experience of one Archie Foley a trade unionist who is initially imprisoned because he refused to answer the compulsory call up to the front, due to his strong socialist convictions and his belief that the war was unjustified and a capitalist plot. He is then transferred to the Dyce work camp where he has to spend ten hours a day breaking granite into small pieces for road works.

The story focuses on his experience and his relationship with Maggie Burnett (a war widow who initially despises him but who he later befriends in his visits to Aberdeen) and their growing relationship. The views of women at the time about the war, the effect it has on their lives, and the propaganda which was fed to them of what courage was all feature strongly in the piece. Music and song will be included in the show to set the scene and reflect Aberdeenshire at that time.

The cast consists of professional actors and members of the public drawn from all areas of Aberdeen.

The story of the Dyce camp is a little known one and is important as it raises questions about the purpose of all wars and their affect on ordinary people.

Tuesday 22nd March Dyce Church 7:30pm £3

Thursday 24th March Linklater Room Aberdeen University 7:30pm £3

Friday 25th March Danestone Community Centre 7:30pm £3

Saturday 26th March Hilton Community Centre 7:30pm £3

Sunday 27th March ACT Aberdeen

7:30pm £12/ £8 conc, tickets from Aberdeen Box Office (£5 if bought from cast member)

All other tickets on the door